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In addition to the regular testimonials below, there are a couple e-mails from clients to individuals who were shopping Hampton West as their brokerage. We have a base of clients who would be more than willing to e-mail you and discuss our services not because we asked them to, but because they have been through the process. Haven't you ever asked someone coming out of the theatre, "how was the movie?"


Brad has restored our faith in professional realtors. - J & M Peters

Excellent knowledge of the process and great ability to head off potential problems. - T & S Rorstad

He exceeded my expectations, he has an excellent rapport and is willing to work and pitch in. I would most certainly recommend him to family and friends. - P Orro

His prompt service and honesty were exceptional. - Mr. & Mrs. Drake

Hampton West - We Love You!!!! Thanks for all the hard work. - Bill & Jan

I will never forget what a wonderful job you did for us. Selling the Lake Tapps house was a job but I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you! - M Unger


This is an e-mail our client sent to a potential seller who requested contact from some former clients:

Hi, Matt. I have no reservations about recommending these guys. They will save you money, and the service is good. I heard about Kirk's services from a friend who used him to sell and later buy (and was very pleased). I was comfortable with Kirk, as he is an attorney and knows his stuff. I was pleased with his professional staff, too. They prepared all the papers, etc. so I don't think there was any additional work.

I used them as a buyer in August, and they refunded 1/3 of the agent fees to me. As a seller, I think you will save even more using Kirk. I'm not sure what your specific fee will be, but sellers are usually hit with real estate agent fees of 6% of the selling price. So, that's $24,000 on a $400,000 home! Personally, I think real estate agents charge too much for their services. Kirk will do better.

Bottom line: These guys save you money without sacrificing service.



E-mail from former client to potential client:

Kirk and gang are awesome!

We couldn't sell our house for the longest time with a traditional agent from Coldwell Banker (8 + months = no sale). Our house had some legal problems so we started searching for real estate lawyers on-line. That's how we found Kirk. After listening to our problem he suggested we list the house with him at a huge discount. Kirk charged us a flat rate, everybody else wanted $18000, yes that's right we ended up saving about $13500. Not only did Kirk sell our house, he sold it for far more than our other real estate agent ever got close to getting (we got a few ridiculously low offers), charged us far less money, and ended all of our legal problems. We had thought about selling our house ourselves, and we are very glad that we met Kirk first. In the end I would say that Kirk made us or saved us about $50,000.

As far as your specific questions, our house was listed for about two months with Hampton West. In our case, I consider that amount of time to be very quick. When we met Kirk we were worried that we might NEVER be able to sell our house. It was important for us to move because of the difficulties of being newlyweds and living next door to intrusive in-laws. Kirk and gang changed our lives in ways that only my wife and I could ever fully appreciate. He saved us. As far as additional work that we had to do, it was far less than we expected. The buyer's agent will let prospective buyers in to show your house. Kirk manned the phone lines for us, helped us set up our disclosure statement so we could shed our legal liabilities, handled all the negotiations, and set up all the documents. We felt like we got more, not less attention and much better service and advice than a traditional agent. The one thing our Coldwell agent did was have open houses (none of which accomplished anything). Open houses were not part of our original deal with Kirk. However when our house was on the market for about six weeks, KIRK suggested that HE host an open house. We scheduled one on the next good weekend, but ended up getting the offer we were looking for before the date came up.  The so called "full service agents" gave us way less service and a lot more fluff. Kirk spends very little, if any, time advertising himself and a ton of time doing actual work, as opposed to traditional "full service agents" who spend 95% of their time attracting new clients and only 5% of their time actually selling or buying houses. If Kirk isn't a "full service agent" then we don't want full service. The only thing we can think of that a traditional agent provides that Kirk doesn't is INSTANT availability. Kirk is a real estate trial attorney (and a good one, we checked) and is sometimes unavailable for a few hours because of it, although he always got back to us as soon as he could. We have no problem waiting a few hours for $13500. The rest of the gang was always available to help, or to take a message, and answered most of our questions immediately anyway. We are currently using Hampton West to buy a house in Kitsap County. Both Kirk and Chris have come to the west side of the sound on multiple occasions to show us houses, and we are proud to say we have an accepted offer in on a house that closes December 28th.

Kirk and gang made our problem their problem. The tenacity they showed in selling our house was outstanding. Kirk and gang WORK for a living. Don't tell Kirk, but we feel we owe them big time. Hampton West is our real estate team for life.

If you would like to talk to us about our terrific experience with Kirk and Hampton West, feel free to call us at.

Angie and J.

Chris was so intuitive and did such a great job of investigating our needs that the third house we looked at was the house we REALLY wanted - we put in an offer the next day. It was so easy! We made the decision to buy during the recent lending crisis and Chris worked closely with us and the Seller to alleviate concerns during a very stressful time - it was an extra step which really made a difference.

Mark & Jen

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